Welcome to Carib Web Solutions

Carib Web Solutions is a Web design & Development , Web applications , E- Commerce Solutions, SEO , Mobile Applications, FB fan pages development , Content writing and Hosting  Company  in  Suriname. We provide online solutions for companies of all sizes ,  including customized software . The applications developed by  our company are for serious business use.

But it all starts with you
First and foremost we're Internet Consultants.  We take a business-minded view  to understand the dynamics of your specific business, the industry in which you operate and what makes 'you' unique and develop a tailor made marketing solution for your business

Understanding the Search Engines
Using our inside experience of your business and making use of the way  search engines operate, we'll build optimized pages on your website to ensure they are ranked highly with the search engines like Google , Yahoo and Bing.
We always launch every new website with the best possible SEO (Search Engine Optimization) startup .  We ensure the on-page content and structure are SEO friendly, and we can develop any number of highly effective search engine campaigns with guaranteed top 5 rankings in the sponsored ads. 
This is the quickest way to get instant traffic to your new website.

Developing a Great Website
A visitor lands on your website.  Quick - you have only a few seconds to impress! We focus on:
Attractive design and a compelling message - you need to keep your visitors engaged in order to build brand awareness and get them interested to stay around .

Functional websites - we understand how your business operates and how you need to engage with your customers.  We get this across through the use of simple, efficient design.  We don't waste time with welcome pages or complex, slow-loading animations.  We make sure your customer gets straight to where they need to be.
Focus on conversion - A happy customer is one who can navigate straight from the homepage to the required conversion page in the minimum of clicks.  Keep him happy by ensuring he can find exactly what he is looking for. And fast.
Call to Action - Loud & Clear - we don't leave it to guesswork.  Tell your customer exactly what you want from them , and where.

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